Chris Lynch vs Michael Smith


Round 5 Matchups








Round Start


Chris Lynch
The Herd
Result Loss
Tournament Points 8
Kill Points 1265
Result TP 8
Scenario TP 1
Kill TP 2
Michael Smith
Order of the Brothermark
Result Win
Tournament Points 24
Kill Points 1930
Result TP 24
Scenario TP 5
Kill TP 4

SCENARIO: Dominate

Scenario Play
At the end of the game, add up the Unit Strength of all of your units that have the majority of their footprint within 12” of the centre of the playing area. That is your Victory Point score. Your opponent does the same and you compare scores.
Tournament Point Bonus

Score 1 Scenario Point for each scoring unit with the majority of its footprint within 12" of the centre of the playing area at the end of the game, to a maximum of +5.


Terrain bases mark the in-game boundaries of terrain features, regardless of the position of features on the base.

Terrain Class Height
Forests Difficult 6
Cliffs & Buildings Blocking 6
Hills Hill 3
Walls, fences, hedges Obstacle 2
Rubble piles, fields Difficult 2
Swamps, Lakes Difficult 1
Lava Lakes Blocking Flat