Andrew Walker vs Martin Thirlwell


Round 2 Matchups





Fools Gold



Round Start


Andrew Walker
Result Loss
Tournament Points 10
Kill Points 1180
Result TP 10
Scenario TP 3
Kill TP 2
Martin Thirlwell
Result Win
Tournament Points 20
Kill Points 805
Result TP 20
Scenario TP 4
Kill TP 1

SCENARIO: Fools Gold

Scenario Play
This scenario uses 10 Bluff Counters. After rolling off to choose sides, roll off to see who places the first Bluff Counter. The players take it in turns to place one Bluff Counter of their choice (marked side down) fully on their opponent’s half of the board, following the same placement restrictions as Objective Markers. At the end of Round 3, all the Bluff Counters are flipped to reveal their value. Bluff counters are treated as Objective Markers from this point on.
Tournament Point Bonus

Score Scenario Points equal to the number of Victory Points you scored at the end of the game, to a maximum of +5.


Terrain bases mark the in-game boundaries of terrain features, regardless of the position of features on the base.

Terrain Class Height
Forests Difficult 6
Cliffs & Buildings Blocking 6
Hills Hill 3
Walls, fences, hedges Obstacle 2
Rubble piles, fields Difficult 2
Swamps, Lakes Difficult 1
Lava Lakes Blocking Flat